Palladio Tours


This tour will enable you to enjoy the best Palladio’s villas, Villa Barbaro at Maser, Villa Emo at Fanzolo. You will learn everything about the architecture of this wonderful artist who started as a humble and unknown stonecutter and became the most famous and copied architect in the world. You’ll learn about his passion for simmetry and his harmonic medium proportion.

You’ll see the breathtaking frescoes by Veronese, and by Giambattista Zelotti.  You’ll learn everything about the origin of all these wonderful villas and about the 16th century society. And why, all of a sudden everybody turned to Palladio, a humble stonemason, to have their villa made.

This tour is absolutely tailored made. If you wish:
A third villa could be seen (ex.: Villa Cornaro at Piombino Dese or Villa Malcontenta at Mira, or Villa Rotonda in Vicenza).
Or maybe you prefer to see the town of Vicenza and its world heritage Palladio buildings (Teatro Olimpico, Palazzo Chiericati, Basilica, Palazzo Thiene, and many more!)

In this case  prices will be quoted separately upon request).

Take advantage of Palladio 500th birthday anniversay occurring last year 2008 and continuing this year 2009.