Dolomites Tours

Full day excursion north of Venice into the
Dolomite mountain ranges. This day was designed to provide visitors the
opportunity to enjoy breath-taking views of the most stupendous
mountain lake and vally scenery that the Dolomites and Italy have to
offfer. Walk amongst the Dolomites’ towering peakes, photograph idyllic
vistas, and enjoy the culture and the tradition of its peopole.

I will provide you with an intimate experience of Italy’s most
beautiful mountain range, taking you to my favourite spots,
which I start visiting since the age of 3, together with my
parents. The carefully designed itinerary features scenic back-roads
with plenty of photo-stops for all the different photographic
opportunities these mountains have to offer. During the day, you’ll be truly
amazed by the contrast between nearby Venice and the snow-capped peaks
of the Dolomites.

Spending as much time as possible off-the-vehicle to enjoy the
scenery of the mountains, you will drive along roads with only a few
twists and turns, through a land of towering peaks and spires,
contrasted by peaceful valleys sprinklled with lively villages.

Enjoy a packed lunch of local delicacies at an idyllic location
off-the beaten track, where you will be able to relax and take in the
beauty of the mountains at their most spectacular point.

Easy-walk opportunity.


Have you ever heard of the world famous ice-man who lived 4000 years ago?

Take the chance to see him while enjoying some breathtaking views of the most famous mountains in the world: the Dolomites. Drive along gentle routes and admire the spires of mountains that resemble fairy castles. Take a short walk (optional) and enjoy a relaxing day. Visit the magical little town of Glorenza and enjoy the scenery of a real crystal-clear mountain stream turnig into the Adige river